Our senior team

Everyone at MEND is passionate about what they do. Our senior team reflects MEND’s diversity.

Harry MacMillan
Chief Executive Officer, Board Director & Co-founder

Prior to his position at MEND, Harry co-founded Kick-Start Ventures International Ltd. (KSVI). Headquartered in the UK, with offices in France, Germany and the Netherlands, KSVI specialized in helping entrepreneurs—primarily companies in technology sectors—to create business plans and raise capital. To complement his start-up activities, he consulted blue-chip organizations including Marsh, the world’s largest insurance broker, on how to significantly improve efficiency. Harry also serves as President of the MEND Foundation.

Paul Sacher
Chief Research & Development Officer, Board Director & Co-founder
Paul is a leading dietitian, specializing in child health and obesity.  Paul has an academic appointment as a senior research fellow and head of MEND research at the Medical Research Council’s Childhood Nutrition Research Centre, UCL Institute of Child Health in the UK. A trustee of the National Obesity Forum in the UK, Paul is a member of the British Dietetic Association, the Association for the Study of Obesity in the UK and the Obesity Society in the US. He was awarded the British Dietetic Association’s most prestigious award (Rose Simmonds) for 2011. Before co-founding MEND, he worked in the UK’s National Health Service for more than 11 years.

Dr Paul Chadwick
Clinical Director & Co-founder
Paul is a clinical and health psychologist and one of the UK’s leading authorities on health-related behavior change. Paul has over 15 years of experience providing psychological care in a variety of settings, including the UK’s National Health Service, academia, private practice, charities and social enterprise. Paul has academic appointments at the Health Behavior Research Centre at UCL Institute of Health in the UK. He consults for a number of media companies on issues related to obesity and body image, as well as contributing to various strategy documents for the UK government.

Colette Marshall
Chief Operating Officer
Prior to joining the MEND team, Colette had a varied and rich background in traditional commercial areas including sales, marketing, and innovations. She thereafter shifted sectors to become director of UK programs for Save the Children, where she led a cross- national team on policy, campaigning and direct services for children and young people. Her focus at MEND is to increase the program’s impact, both commercial and social, in ways that are cost effective and sustainable.

Navin Pareek
Technology & Finance Director
Navin has eleven years of experience in the development and management of complex business models and now heads up technology and finance for MEND. He is responsible for a 17-member software development team based in India. Prior to MEND, Navin worked in IT, operations and strategy for several global companies. At CNBC, he led strategic innovation to make it one of the most technologically innovative and savvy broadcasters in India.

Lisa Taylor
Momenta Director
Lisa has over twenty years of experience in health and fitness in both the public and private sector. Prior to joining MEND in March 2009, Lisa was group fitness manager for a major national chain of fitness centers in the UK. Lisa led the creation MEND’s first Adult program—a 6-week behavior change program designed to support those wishing to lead healthier lifestyles. She has also been instrumental in cementing the key partnership between MEND and the Fitness Industry Association (FIA) in the UK.

Teresa Earle
Partnership Development Director
Teresa joined MEND in early 2008 to help launch the MEND Foundation and the MEND 7-13 program in the US. With over 25 years of experience in international strategic marketing, partnership development and media relations/production, Teresa has used her extensive knowledge and personal passion for family wellness to successfully launch and broaden MEND's delivery, funding and research partnerships across the US.

Brian Finnerty

Operations Development Manager
Brian joined MEND in 2007 to lead the operation’s rollout of Big Lottery funded programs in Wales, UK. Since 2008, he has taken the lead on building delivery networks and sustainable partnerships in the UK. He joined the North American team full time in 2010 to help lead operations development and program rollout, having provided operations direction for the MEND North American pilots in 2008. Prior to MEND, Brian worked in television as Program Director for ABC, CBS and BBC TV affiliates (Bermuda) and as a development executive for BMW UK.

Katherine Kaufer Christoffel  MD, MPH
Consulting Chief Medical Advisor
Dr. Christoffel is a Chicago-based academic pediatrician with award-winning research and advocacy experience related to prevention of childhood illnesses and injuries. Her clinical work has focused on nutrition issues, including obesity, for over 30 years. She founded the Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children (CLOCC, www.clocc.net) in 2002—the largest multi-sector urban child obesity prevention consortium in the US. The Consortium emphasizes policy, systems and environmental change on the community level.  In addition to her appointment with MEND,  Dr. Christoffel is an Emerita Professor of Pediatrics at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University and Medical Adviser to CLOCC.

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