MEND International Research Group (MIRG)

MIRG was established in March 2011 when it held its first two-day international meeting in London.

What is MIRG?
MIRG is an independent group and has been established to guide MEND’s research strategy.

What does MIRG do?
The purpose of MIRG is to provide an opportunity for academics from varied backgrounds to collaborate and to form innovative research partnerships in order to contribute to the field of public health.
Who sits on MIRG?
We are proud that the following academics have agreed to join MIRG. Extended biographies are available for download below.

    Dr. Sarah Barlow

    Prof. Nancy Butte

    Prof. Diane Finegood

    Dr. Erik Finkelstein

    Prof. Deanna Hoelscher

    Dr. Peter Hovmand

    Prof. Terry Huang (Chair)

    Dr. Kristine Madsen

    Prof. Kim Raine

    Dr. Harry Rutter

    Prof. Atul Singhal

    Dr. John Spence

    Prof. Boyd Swinburn

    Dr. Nicholas Townsend

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