Thinking of commissioning child weight management services in your area? We have a range of obesity prevention and treatment programmes for children aged 2 to 13. So why should you choose MEND?

MEND is clinically safe and proven to work. We hold detailed evidence, including a Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) and the largest real-world evaluation for over 10,000 children. Our evidence proves we can deliver positive health and wellbeing outcomes and long-term solutions for overweight and obese children.

Our programmes are cost effective and can save you money. Independent research shows that MEND 7-13 provides returns on public investment of between 10 and 13 times.

We offer tailored support to enable commissioners and local partners to provide effective local services. We’ll make everything easy for you. For example, our online system ensures all participant data is stored securely and easily accessible. We can also source and manage a delivery team for you or you can select your own.

MEND is popular with families and achieves great results. Over 25,000 children from diverse backgrounds have already attended our programmes. Retention on our MEND 7-13 programme stands at 89% and over 90% of children reduced their BMI by the end of the programme.

MEND programmes are written and tested in community settings by expert psychologists, nutritionists, dietitians and physical activity specialists with decades of experience. You can be sure of commissioning a high quality, safe and effective service that will work at scale in your local area.

“Obesity is a complex area that needs specialist input. It’s important for us to deliver safe and effective services which is a key reason for repeatedly choosing MEND.”

Heather Yüregir, Health Improvement Specialist, NHS Outer North East London

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