Become a delivery partner

We’ll provide the training, guidance and ongoing support you need to run successful programmes in your local area. 

You’ll have your own dedicated Regional support staff member. MEND’s regional team look after specific areas of the UK. They have in-depth knowledge and practical experience of running MEND’s programmes in different settings. They provide advice and support to ensure your programmes are full and running smoothly.

You’ll receive training at a MEND Regional event or specifically for your team. 

You’ll have access to our obesity Experts. Our experienced team of experts is here to offer friendly advice and guidance whenever you need it.  This gives you the reassurance of being able to seek expert help if a child or adult on your programme raises an issue that needs more specialist input.

We’ll provide you with impact and outcomes monitoring tools. We provide you with a range of assessment tools. Every tool has been developed and extensively researched over the last eight years so that you can collect reliable and appropriate measurements.

We’ll provide technology to help you. Our technology allows you to analyse data gathered on your MEND programmes. The system allows you to produce outcome reports in line with your requirements at the touch of a button saving you time and avoiding the need for statistical experts.

We’re constantly improving all MEND programmes. The first MEND programme was created in 2000 but it’s changed a lot since then. We continuously review the latest research and government guidelines as well as candid feedback from MEND participants, programme managers and programme leaders. We make changes as a result.

To find out more, call our regional management team on 0800 2300 263 or email

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